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Security & Safety

Secure your Personnel and your Assets

In current times, the security and the safety of personnel and assets has become a prime concern for business and organization. Our state-of-the-art platform offers the following exception solutions:

eZLock - GPS-based e-Lock System

eZTrack Telematics offers GPS-based e-lock tracking system, eZLock, for companies across verticals. This includes Logistics, Security, Supply Chain, Customs and others industries. eZLock system is tightly integrated with eZTrack platform and comes with all the features and automated alerts and notifications.

e-Lock system consists of physical lock activated by a built-in active RFID tag, designed to receive a transmission from RFID reader integrated with GPS/GSM module. The integrated device sends GPS coordinates along with status of the e-lock to our eZTrack platform and the system can successfully monitor moveable remote assets and their condition. It can also work independently without the GPS/GSM modules for fixed assets.

eZWorkForce –Mobile Workforce Android-based System

eZWorkForce is an Android-based mobile application for tracking organization’s workforce particularly the sales and technical support personnel in the field interacting directly with the end-customers.

eZWorkForce allows tracking of the personnel in the field during their work-hours only. The mobile application automatically sends out the position coordinates in a fixed configured time intervals. For smartphones with GPS, the application automatically enables the GPS before sending the coordinates and then disables it until the next interval. For mobile devices without the GPS, it takes the nearest cell-tower location.

The eZWorkForce mobile application is integrated with eZTrack platform and the end-users can view the location of the personnel on the map and replay their tracks. It comes with other features and the personnel in the field can send SOS alerts in case of emergencies using the mobile application.

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M2M Platform

eZTrack platform allows us to offer intelligent machine-to-machine (M2M) products and services to customers

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